Friday Read-a-thon

Oh baby - it's Friday. Get busy reading.

The Content Marketing Handbook

I'm a big fan of the writing at Priceonomics, and this might be their Magna Carta - a comprehensive examination of what works and what doesn't when it comes to content marketing.

My takeaway: be real.

"Instead of making content with the aim of getting links for Google searches, we decided to make great content simply because we loved to make great content. Sometimes, this content promotes our own products, but even this content is great because it uses all the interesting data our business generates. It’s authentic information that Priceonomics has access to and other people find valuable."

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Alphabet Inc.’s Google Reports 13 Near-Miss Incidents With Self-Driving Cars

I think that it's less about that Google's self-driving cars have had issues, but how do they compare against human drivers with similar experience? I would guess very, very well.

‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘Narcos,’ ‘Master of None’ Viewership Revealed as NBC Exec Asks For Netflix ‘Perspective’

Wait - what?

"Symphony, which measures TV viewing using audio content recognition technology — software loaded on to users phones that tracks viewership by capturing the soundtrack of the program. The company has a sample size of about 15,000 at present, Wurtzel said."

Why Do Americans Work So Much?

I think that we like it. Work defines us in so many ways. Another explanation:

"American inequality means that the gains of increasing productivity are not widely shared. In other words, most Americans are too poor to work less."

A neuroscientist says there’s a powerful benefit to exercise that is rarely discussed

Exercise benefits you in more ways than one: reduces stress, improves focus, increases memory, improves imagination, prevents dementia.

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The true cost to Amazon of the ‘Amazon Tax’

"When the so-called Amazon Tax was put in place, shoppers spent 8.3 percent less on products on Amazon after the tax went into effect."

"The Amazon Tax had an especially chilling effect on big-ticket purchases that totaled more than $250, the study found. On these transactions, Amazon sales declined 11.4 percent once the tax was put in place."

Apple’s App Charts: 2015 Data and Trends

An older post, but a really, really good one. Didn't come across it until this week. Looks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Twitter, Kik dominated.

New Jersey May Seize Atlantic City as Rebound Eludes Casinos

“With most municipalities, at least from a creditor standpoint, you want to see
as many legs to the economic stool as possible. In Atlantic City’s case, they are kind of a one-legged stool.”