Sunday Reads

I just wanted to share a few things that I've been reading over the long weekend. It's been great to take a bit of a break and step back and think about things after a long year. Looking forward to getting started tomorrow though!

A Mathematician's New Year's Resolutions

"Each week I shall something nice to a physicist, such as 'I admire your casual contempt for logic,' or 'Wow, you sure have written those symbols.'"

The Emperor Has No Pages

It’s very possible that George Martin hasn’t written anything since the Clinton administration.

What's Up With That?

Why and how running hurts every single part of your body.

Mega ships bring benefits and challenges to ports of L.A. and Long Beach

The shipping industry is swamped with capacity. "In an effort to gain market share and efficiency, companies raced to build larger ships that could move more goods on less fuel. Remarkably low borrowing costs made the building boom that much easier."

Really rich people are suddenly paying quite a bit more in taxes

The changes in the tax code from 2012 to 2013 actually affected the nation’s wealthiest taxpayers

"[P]otential contributors simply prefer to be in on things which are both new and cool. Wikipedia, which is no longer new, cannot be so cool."

"[O]besity does not come about because gluttony and sloth make it so; only a change in the regulation of fat tissue make a lean animal obese."

2015: The Year in Charts including: