Wednesday Reads: Periodic Table Battleship Edition

This Mom Made A Periodic Table Battleship Game For Her Kids And It’s Brilliant


How Facebook Makes Us Dumber

You may not believe in confirmation bias, but confirmation bias believes in YOU.

"If a story fits with what people already believe, they are far more likely to be interested in it and thus to spread it."

Tech at the symphony: Boston orchestra loaning patrons iPads

Half interesting, half sad:

"It's about enhancing the visual experience of listening to a symphony orchestra. It's also about making the experience more intimate and creating a more visible contact between the performer and the audience, which is something younger audiences really seem to value."

Superlatives Notwithstanding, Even 'The Force' Has Its Limits

Force Awakens is making all the dollars, yet still lags in total ticket sales - less than half of "Gone With the Wind."

"Even after all that, when the original Star Wars came along, it opened on fewer than 50 screens nationwide. But it was such a huge hit, that on its way to becoming the second-most-attended film in U.S. history, it really did change the film industry — the way movies were released, and merchandised. It re-wrote the rules. That's not going to happen with The Force Awakens."

PipelineDB Releases First Enterprise Version Of Its Streaming SQL Database

Interesting data-nerd stuff - I confess that this is something that I used to be able to understand more fully, but rather than a static database (like a pitcher that you fill with water), this looks like more of a river:

"Large enterprise customers are demanding additional features such as replication and failover hardware nodes for high availability, which is essential for companies using the product for mission critical purposes. If one node goes down, another automatically takes over, Nelson explained.Another in-demand feature has been real-time alerting, which is particularly important for companies using PipelineDB for fraud detection or security breach detection."