Wrapping up the Evidence-Based Investing Conference

Tuesday I had the privilege of attending Ritholtz Wealth's Evidence-Based Investing Conference in New York. We had over 300 attendees in an absolutely packed house at the Union League Club.

I hope that the thrill that I get from working with some outstanding investment professionals - our team is at the top of the industry - never goes away. I doubt that it will given how fast things are moving, and how committed we are to staying ahead of that change.

I wanted to pass along a few resources from the conference in case you wanted to check out what we do for our clients in a fiduciary, fee-only relationship.

These are the Highlights - The Reformed Broker

Josh's summary: "It was an absolutely epic event – everyone was there, I can’t even believe the attendee list and speaker roster even a day after the fact."

EBI Interviews - Robin Powell of Regis Media

Robin did some incredible work interviewing a lot of the participants - Barry posted his summary's over at his blog. Check out more from Robin's work in the UK - the Evidence Investor - and at Regis Media.

A Twitter Recap - Bps and Pieces by Phil Huber

Phil's summary: "The Finance Twitter community was out in full force and the magic elixir of an All-Star lineup, constructive debate, actionable insights and plenty of humor made this occasion one to remember and certainly solidified it as a going concern."

Notes from the 2016 Evidence-Based Investing Conference - Valuewalk

Full write-up of the day's events.