Homeless Veterans and Public-Private Partnerships

by Bill Sweet

Really neat story today by Haya El Nasser about a large-scale cooperative effort between public support groups like the Veteran's Administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and private groups like PATH to help homeless veterans find a place to live and get a roof over their head.

The story focuses on a few examples in Los Angeles, which is home to a large percentage of our nation's 58,000 homeless veterans (because of the weather).

One day last month he decided to shave. He grabbed a broken disposable razor from his cart and dry-shaved vigorously, looking at his reflection in a cigar shop window. He pulled back his long blond hair into a ponytail. The razor snapped in two. His haphazard grooming revealed a handsome face and winsome smile.

The full story is here.

I think that this a great example of what is possible when our leaders put aside politics, stop worrying about getting re-elected, and focused on helping people.