Wednesday Reads

Our client letters are going out this week!

While you're waiting anxiously for that, please take a look at some things that I'm reading:

The Refragmentation

Really fascinating and thoughtful overview of the defragmentation and refragmentation of post-war American culture and the economy. This is my favorite read of the year so far. Shout out to my friend Josh Beser for the hookup.

"[T]he balloon-frame houses with fake "colonial" skins, the cars with several feet of gratuitous metal on each end that started to fall apart after a couple years, the "red delicious" apples that were red but only nominally apples."

Saudi Arabia and Iran Are at Each Other’s Throats. Why Are Oil Prices Falling?

How great is it that we've somehow been able to - at least temporarily - short circuit the maniacs and lunatics who used to control the price of oil? I'm continually more and more grateful to be an American.

"The global oil glut, in other words, weighs more heavily on prices than even the prospect of open conflict between two rival, regional powerhouses."

Whirlpool is first appliance company to integrate Amazon Dash Replenishment Service

I have to swing by Walmart tonight to pick up paper towels and what not, and I'd rather chew on a plate of glass. So I'm pretty pumped about having my dishwasher order its own detergent from now on.

"Whirlpool is the first appliance manufacturer to integrate the Amazon Dash service, monitoring cycle usage and automatically reordering detergent when your supplies are running low."

Force Status: Woke

This is nuts - after just two weeks, and after adjusting for inflation, The Force Awakens is already the 21st highest grossing movie in US history. Wow (by Box Office Mojo):