How Much Is My Donated Clothing Worth?

A common question we receive in the practice: how much are my clothing and household goods donations worth?

The answer is a bit complicated, but it usually comes down to fair market value - what someone else would be willing to pay for them.

I want to pass on this fantastic chart by Kay Bell over at her fantastic site Don't Mess With Taxes on how to value common clothing and household goods donated to charity.

Values from lowest to highest average 
Clothing articleWomen’s attireMen’s attireChildren’s attire
Blouse, shirt$2 to $12$2 to $12$1 to $8
T-shirt$0.50 to $4$0.50 to $6$0.50 to $2
Sweater$3.75 to $15$2.50 to $15$1 to $8
Skirt$2 to $12--$1 to $6
Dress$4 to $28--$2 to $12
Slacks$3.50 to $23$2 to $15$1 to $8
Jeans$4 to $21$4 to $21$2 to $12
Jacket$4 to $12$6 to $12$1 to $6
Business suit$5 to $30$10 to $30--
Overcoat$7 to $40$7 to $60$3 to $20
Shoes$2 to $25$3.50 to $25$2 to $8.75
Swimsuit$4 to $12$2.50 to $12$1 to $6
Handbag/briefcase/backpack$2 to $40$2 to $40$1 to $15
Evening attire$10 to $60$10 to $60--

Household Goods
ItemLow to High ValueItemLow to High Value
Kitchen utensils$0.50 to $1.50Washing machine$40-$150
Glasses/mugs/cups$0.50 to $1.50Dryer$45 to $90
Plates$0.50 to $3Color television$75 to $225
Pots and pans$1 to $3Radio$2 to $50
Kitchen/dinette set$40 to $900Stereo$15 to 75
Sofa$30 to $200VCR/DVD player$8 to $15
Coffee table$10 to $65Records, CDs, DVDs$1 to $5
End table$4 to $50Books, paperback$0.75 to $2
Throw rug$1.50 to $12Books, hardcover$1 to $3
Chair$5 to $100Desk$25 to $140
Bedroom set$250 to $1,000Computer monitor$5 to $50
Dressers$20 to $60Printer$5 to $150
Bed linens$2 to $8Lamp$4 to $50
Quilt, bedspread$3 to $24Vacuum cleaner$15 to $65
Blanket, afghan$2 to $15Lawn mower$25 to $100
Bath towels$0.50 to $4Bicycle$5 to $80
Air conditioner$20 to $90Puzzles, board games$0.50 to $3
Heater$7.50 to $22Stuffed animals$0.50 to $1
Electric stove$75 to $150Ice skates$3 to $15
Gas stove$50 to $125Roller blades$3 to $15
Microwave oven$10 to $50Tennis racket$2 to $5
Refrigerator$75 to $250Golf clubs$2 to $25

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